Brainstorm in the news


"The book I wish was around when I got into VFX"



"Eran knows his stuff, and he also teaches it...he’s distilled a lot of this VFX knowledge into a book designed to be a clear guide for filmmakers about where and how visual effects can fit into their productions."

- Ian Failes





"Hereditary” depends less than most of today’s horror films on visual effects, but those that occur under Eran Dinur’s supervision are harrowing."

- One Guys Opinion



"Wonder Wheel: Film Review | NYFF 2017"


"The dazzling opening panorama of the jam-packed beach at Coney Island, with the amusement-park attractions in the background, evokes countless classic photographs of the Brooklyn leisure destination in its heyday."

- the Hollywood Reporter



"VFX Reel reveals the subtle special effects of the wolf of Wall Street" 


"the artists over at Brainstorm Digital allowed Martin Scorsese to achieve and subtly maintain the wicked tone of his satirical black comedy."

- MTV News