Richard Friedlander

vfx Producer/Supervisor | Co-Founder Brainstorm Digital, Inc.


Passionate about filmmaking from an early age, Richard started as a production assistant before landing his first feature position assisting the legendary actor and director Paul Newman, in the editing room as well as the kitchen.

Over the years, Richard has continued to work with an impressive array of Hollywood greats including: Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Edward Norton, Brian DePalma, Ron Howard, Nora Ephron, Jonathan Demme, Charlie Kaufman, Frank Oz, Joel & Ethan Coen, John Hughes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Arthur Penn, Herbert Ross and Barbara Streisand.

Richard started Brainstorm Digital with partner Glenn Allen in 2005. Since it’s inception, Brainstorm has been the recipient of numerous Visual Effects Society awards and the winner of two Emmy’s for best visual effects.